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Our Vision Statement

"To meet the growing demand of maintenance & cleaning Industry with the latest art of technology in order to satisfy our customer requirements"

Our Mission Statement

"To ensure that our customers get the best service available in the maintenance & Cleaning Industry in order to provide customer satisfaction."

Are your present cleaners really cleaning your premises?

If the answer is No, it's time to change to Suria Mentari Cleaning Services . Simply put, we do things differently. From the restroom to the boardroom, Suria Mentari keeps your office and your image looking spotless.

Our clients come to us for facilities services such as commercial cleaning, landscaping, building maintenance, caretaking, janitorial, emergency and environmental jobs. We've earned our reputation in commercial cleaning and building maintenance, but our services don't stop there. Suria Mentari Cleaning Services provides clients with a full range of contract and on-demand facility service solutions which include consultancy.

  Our Services:

Factory,complex,office & building contract cleaning
Landscape work Soft Landscape
Carpet Cleaning & shampooing
Clean room cleaning
Manpower Supply
Waste disposal
Detail cleaning
Grass cutting Maintenance
High pressure water cleaning
Cleaning consolation on cleaning management

High rise building cleaning & maintenance

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